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Leaseworks has served restaurant franchisors and franchisees as a lease negotiation specialist for commercial real estate leases since 2002.


Engaging a senior and executive lease negotiation specialist as tenant representative ensures the achievement of optimal terms of agreement for all client leases, within the context of existing market conditions.

We continue to achieve meaningful results on behalf of our clients when we undertake:


  • Current Lease Relief and Rent Relief Negotiation
  • Lease Restructuring and Rent Restructuring Negotiation including current lease terms and lease options
  • Lease Allowance Negotiation
  • Lease Renewal Negotiation and lease option term restructuring
  • New Lease Negotiation
  • Lease Termination Negotiation


Our efforts in the above areas have produced millions of dollars for our clients in rent reductions of current leases, restructured lease renewal lease terms, lease allowances and savings from terminated leases. These results have enabled our clients to sustain viability and achieve profitability in a negotiating environment which historically has favored landlords who typically pursue win-lose rent structures, penalty provisions and lease guarantees.

Leaseworks serves as an outsourced real estate and commercial lease negotiator for its clients, undertaking lease related negotiations with highly experienced landlords or their representatives including national landlords of regional malls, neighborhood centers and all other landlord categories.



As remuneration is predicated upon success and results, Leaseworks serves as a profit center rather than a cost center and adds meaningful and quantifiable value to a client's bottom line.

Steve Kesler its founder and principal, an attorney by training and a specialist tenant representative, brings over 25 years of retail and corporate office real estate leasing experience and success to the negotiation process. This expertise serves to balance the typically lobsided negotiation in the pursuit of optimal lease and rent terms.

Prospective clients may historically have relied on either ownership with its many demands and distractions to undertake lease negotiations, in-house real estate personnel whose core competency and focus is either unrelated or incidental to real estate i.e. site selection and facilities management or who are relatively junior and inexperienced, in contrast to the lease negotiators that typically represent the above landlords.



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